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Chrysalis is an innovative state-of-the-art treatment that utilizes advanced technology for dramatic improvement in body shape.

What causes more weight gain?
Adipocyte cells, which primarily compose adipose tissue, are specially designed for the storage of fat, which acts like a reserve of energy, which if not utilised can build up to excess amounts. So when more calories are consumed than the body needs to perform metabolic functions and sustain life, it must be stored in the adipocytes. In this way adipocytes create localised thick fatty deposits, which cause morphological modifications typical of overweight and obesity.

Cellulite is an impairment of subcutaneous tissue that is rich in adipose cells. It features hypertrophy of adipose cells, water retention, and liquid stagnancy in intercellular spaces. It is characterized by an abnormal fat accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue and found its superficial summit on the gluteus, thighs, knee-surrounding area, armpit and arms. Very often cellulite is strictly connected to fat diseases, but also true that you can find cellulite symptoms in very thin people. The technology represents an important medical and aesthetic discovery, which promises to millions of men and women a solution to their problems of cellulite and fatty deposits.

Chrysalis is a breakthrough that guarantees maximum efficiency and security in the treatment of a variety of problems:

Cellulite symptoms
Excess fat storage
Body contouring
Orange peel effect
Fluids retention

What does the client feel during the treatment?
The Chrysalis device is a state-of-the-art source for aesthetic application. It assures excellent results with the maximum comfort. During the treatment, the client can hear a particular sound, which is a typical, distinctive sound of cavitation technology. Depending on the individual sensibility, this sound can be troublesome or not. Normally the client hears it just during the first procedure, and then it decreases after a few procedures. Overall, the treatment is considered comfortable and safe.

How long does the treatment session take and how often can it be performed?
During the treatment the main problematic areas are targeted and treated for about 20/30 minutes; subsequently vacuum massage is performed to drain and help fatty acid elimination. One session per week may be recommended to achieve quick results.

What results can be expected?
Chrysalis treatments are performing very lasting and efficient results. Thanks to the lipodissolving action, clients can appreciate a reduction of fat stores and a consequent body slimming and remodelling after the first session. Besides this, “orange peel” effect appears less marked and blood circulation increases. Chrysalis treatments combined with a well-balanced diet and exercise assure amazing results comparable with liposuction.