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CHRYSALIS - Non-surgical body slimming and reshaping treatment using ultrasound technology.

Chrysalis is an innovative state-of-the-art treatment that utilises advanced technology for dramatic improvement in body shape. Mirage Clinic Chrysalis gives lasting and efficient results. Thanks to the lipo-dissolving action, clients can appreciate a reduction of fat stores and a consequent body slimming and remodelling after the after session.

This treatment combined with a well balanced diet and exercise assure amazing results comparable with liposuction. Chrysalis is a breakthrough that offers maximumefficiency and security in the treatment of a variety of problems:

Cellulite symptoms

Excess fat storage

Body contouring

Orange peel effect

Fluid retention

Colonic stimulation

Live Ance


from £95.00

TRANSFORM - Non-invasive skin tightening and lipo-dissolving treatment using radio-frequency energy.

Transform is a non-invasive body shaping technique which treats the skin and eliminates fat below it.

Transform is designed to uniformly heat the dermis while protecting the epidermis (outer layer of skin) with built-in cooling on contact. The increased temperature in the dermis causes collagen contraction and realignment as well as producing new collagen which results in firmer, younger looking skin.

This new and exciting technology has proved to be successful for a wide range of applications including:


Body contouring

Loose skin after weight loss

Flabby underarms

from £95.00