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Live happier and healthier - introducing the comprehensive weight loss programme for men and women that will change your life! Choose a clinically tested, natural and convenient way to lose pounds using a combination of ?supplements? and tailored diet programme which triggers your body to access unwanted stored up fat for energy. 

Reasons to lose weight with MIRAGE:

  • Lose 1 pound a day without starving yourself or crazy exercise
  • Boost energy levels and improve vitality 
  • Losing weight not only helps you look and feel better, it reduces the risk of obesity related illness  
    This system is not complex or complicated, you don't need to count calories or monitor carbs - you simply eat the approved foods each day together with the supplements provided
  • It is easy to stay motivated because you see results day on day - you won't become discouraged or give up
  • Burns off the highest fat areas first 
  • Improves self-confidence 


Hi, I'm Jaz Rander, founder of Mirage Beauty Clinic. As well as offering traditional beauty treatments, we offer extensive skin and body contouring treatments too; however, it is common for clients to ask advice as to what type of diet they should undertake in order to enhance or maintain treatment results and this is where Mirage can rise above the competition, offering a revolutionary new weight loss programme. 


I gained weight after I broke my foot and was on crutches and immobile for two months. The system I designed helped me shed that excess weight with more dramatic results than other programmes offered b y specialist clinics -  I LOST 29 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS! After 40 days I had lost 2 and half stones and was happier healthier person, and this is just the start . . . 

We are happy to now be able to offer this natural weight loss programme at affordable prices and will be there to support you all the way through!

Contact us now for a free consultation.